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Resources to improve your financial wellness

Learn how to make the most of your health accounts, prepare for future health care costs and build savings to help you pay for those expenses.

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Understand how to connect your health and finances

From videos to financial wellness articles, we help consumers be better prepared to manage health care, make smarter saving and payment decisions, and build health care savings now and into retirement.

Get started!

By opening a health account with Optum Financial you've taken the first step to take charge of your health costs. Browse our resources to learn more.

Does your expense qualify?

Find products you can spend your health account dollars on.

Boost your HSA balance

Take advantage of your HSA's tax benefits by making a contribution.

How to upload a receipt

Learn how to upload an itemized receipt or an explanation of benefits.

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Add a beneficiary to your HSA or MSA

Take a minute to ensure you have a beneficiary selected. 

What is an HSA?

Learn about the purpose of a health savings account (HSA) and how it works.

How to file a claim

Learn how to file a claim for an out-of-pocket expense using your flexible spending account (FSA). It’s easy.

Open an HSA

A health savings account (HSA) is designed to help you save and pay for qualified medical expenses.

Optum Financial mobile app

Save time and take control with our advanced mobile app. Download the app today.

Contribution limits

Max out your HSA this year with the contribution limit set by the IRS.

HSA investment overview

Watch this video to learn more about how to set up your investment account — and start investing today.

Spending your FSA dollars

Learn more about how to manage your FSA funds so you don't lose them.

The five stages of your HSA journey

Learn more about the five-stage journey we go through as we save and pay for qualified medical expenses.

Options to Invest Your HSA

This video shows you the differences between your two investment options and how to get started.

Calculate your health savings

See how your health accounts can impact your wallet. Use our tools and resources to calculate how to save and pay for qualified expenses.

What is a dependent care FSA?

Learn how you can use tax-free money to pay for dependent care.

How to upload a receipt

You made an eligible purchase with an Optum Financial payment card. Learn how to upload an itemized receipt or an explanation of benefits.

Claims resource center

Claims can feel complicated. The process to get reimbursed doesn't have to be. Find answers and resources to simplify it below.

Update communication preferences

Change your Optum Financial communication delivery preferences to online.

Get access to funds faster with Quick Pay

Optum Financial mobile app

The Optum Financial mobile app puts all your account information at your fingertips, so you can get back to the things you love in life.

Health savings account (HSA) webinars

Are you making the most of your HSA? Check out a live webinar offered by Optum Financial and get answers to your questions from an HSA expert.

New account holder checklist

Make sure you're making the most of your new HSA with these easy steps.

Health Savings Checkup tool

Estimate health care costs during retirement.

Manage your HSA contributions

Are you taking full advantage of all your HSA's tax benefits by contributing the maximum each year?

How to use an HSA

Learn how to make deposits to and withdrawals from your health savings account (HSA).

Health account frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Part of making the most of your health accounts is understanding how to use them. Browse our FAQs to get more from your health accounts.

HealthSafe ID

If you don't already have a HealthSafe ID®, you will be prompted to create one when signing in.

What is a limited purpose FSA?

Find out why pairing a limited purpose FSA with an HSA may be a smart choice.

What is a health care FSA?

Discover the benefits of having a health care FSA.

HSAs and tax season

Learn about the tax benefits and what you need to know at tax time.

On-demand webinar: Tax time and Your HSA

This webinar will help you understand the tax benefits of your HSA, which forms you'll need to file your taxes and how your state treats HSA contributions.

HSAs: Part of Your Financial Plan

Learn more about how your HSA can be part of your broader financial planning to create a savings nest egg and potentially save big on taxes.

IRS 2022 HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS announced an increase in HSA contribution limits for the 2022 tax year

HSA and FSA cards

You just swipe, save, and skip the extra steps, plus, you save up to 30%* because you’re using pre-tax dollars.

HSAs and Medicare

Learn more about what happens to your HSA once you enroll in Medicare.

Optum Financial payment card

Learn more about how to use your Optum Financial payment card to pay for eligible medical expenses without submitting paper claim forms.

IRS 2023 regulatory alert and legislative updates

Learn more about the increased plan contribution limits for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), commuter benefits and adoption assistance in 2023.

HSA Tax Center

Questions about your taxes? We're here to help. You can get copies of your most recent tax forms by signing in to your account.

Transfer your HSA

Save time by combining your HSA funds into one account with Optum Financial.