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Specialty vs. retail pharmacy

Learn more about what sets specialty pharmacy apart from retail.

Spoon Theory and chronic conditions

Help others understand the fatigue that your condition can cause.

Running a marathon on parenteral nutrition

Learn how Kristi worked with her dietitian to make this feat possible.

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New year, new health insurance: How to avoid surprises

The new year can be full of changes — including to your health insurance plan. Here are three questions to ask before the new year begins.

Spoon Theory and chronic conditions

When living with a chronic condition, how can you express your feelings and needs in a way others can understand? Spoon Theory.

Caregiver strain: taking your feelings seriously

Taking care of yourself is an important part of being a good caregiver. Here's what to keep in mind.

Enjoying summer safely with hemophilia

For people with hemophilia, summer can bring new risks for injuries or bleeds. Follow these tips to safely enjoy the summer.

8 ways to cope with fatigue

Here are some ways to help cope with fatigue caused by specialty medicines or conditions.

6 ways to help a loved one who has cancer

When someone you love has cancer, you want to help them. Your awareness of their needs can make it easier for them to accept your help.

Exercise and chronic conditions

If you’re living with a chronic condition, exercise may be an important way to manage your symptoms, improve your overall health and more.

Taking your specialty medication on the road

If you have a condition that requires specialty medication, organizing in advance can take some of the anxiety out of trips and vacations.

Running a marathon on parenteral nutrition

Learn how Karen, a clinical infusion dietitian with Optum Infusion Pharmacy, helped Kristi to run a marathon while managing her parenteral nutrition (PN).

How to stay safe while in the sun

Whether you’re gardening, getting some exercise or playing with your family in your backyard, it is important to protect your skin.

Planning for positivity: Finding the bright side

Learn how to keep a positive mindset when living with a chronic condition.

Tools for coping with depression

If you feel you’re struggling with depression, these tools are a starting point to help.

The lonely world of caregiving

It takes strength and selflessness to care for others. You are not alone.

A chronic condition doesn't have to slow your run or walk

Running or walking is a great way to do some good for your body — and for others.

Virtual visits

Get the support you need — when you need it — with Optum® Connections virtual visits available through Optum Specialty Pharmacy and Optum Infusion Pharmacy.

Chronic illness: Preparing for a storm

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a large storm when you have a chronic condition.

How to manage your child's medication, fasting and school schedule

When your child has a chronic condition it can be challenging to make sure they get their medication on time. These tips can help.

5 essential tips for living with a chronic condition

See what Bethany, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), has learned about living with a chronic condition

Low impact exercises with big health and fitness benefits

Low impact exercise is a great way to maintain mobility and improve your overall health without putting excessive strain on your joints.

Preparing for the school year: A caregiver’s guide

Preparing early for the return to school can help kids with chronic conditions manage their condition and have a successful school year.