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Pharmacy services

Get your medications at a low price, safely and conveniently. Optum makes it easy. Find answers to all your pharmacy questions, too.

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Our promises

There are some things in life we depend on. Medication is often one of them. We promise to deliver simple ways to get the medication you need.



We help you find the medications you need at the lowest price.



Everything we do centers on getting you the medication you need, when you need it, your way.



We're here to guide you anytime you need us, in a simple and caring way.

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Take charge of managing and ordering your medications

Optum Home Delivery


No need to run to the pharmacy. Get your medications delivered straight to you.


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Take the guesswork out of your medication routine.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy


Rely on expert support for complex conditions.

Optum Infusion Pharmacy


Get convenient and caring support for infusion therapy.

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Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy

Stay on track with behavioral health and complex care treatments

Part of Optum Rx, Genoa Healthcare is a unique kind of pharmacy. It serves people with complex conditions like mental illness and substance use disorder.