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Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)

HRAs are accounts funded by your employer to cover your health care costs.

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Paying for health care is now easier than ever with an HRA

An HRA is an employer-funded account that you can use to pay for health care expenses you would normally have to pay for with personal funds.

Even better, you can use these funds to pay for any eligible medical expense for you, your spouse or your eligible dependents.

Why is an HRA right for you?

It’s like free money for you and your family’s health care; plus, it’s easy to use.

Use your HRA to cover hundreds of eligible health care expenses, including medical, dental, vision, prescription, over-the-counter items and other categories chosen by your employer.

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Quick access to funds

Your HRA card is a convenient way to pay for qualified medical expenses without having to submit paper claim forms. Use it online, at the pharmacy, at the doctor’s office or write your payment card number on your provider bill.

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Frequently asked questions about HRAs

Participating in an HRA is a great way to stretch your health care budget. With an HRA, the funds in your account come from your employer, not from your paycheck. These funds are not considered part of your income and therefore are not subject to income, FICA or worker’s compensation tax.

Basically, it is tax-free money to use for qualified medical expenses.

HRAs are easy to use for your health care costs.

  • Funding your account. Your employer will contribute funds to your HRA.
  • Spending your funds. When you have an eligible health care expense, pay for them with your HRA payment card. Or pay with personal funds and request reimbursement from your HRA. Remember to always keep your receipts.
  • Account information. Sign in to your account regularly to check your account balance, view transactions and access health education tools.

No. One of the main differences between HRAs and FSAs is the funding. HRAs are funded solely by employers, while FSAs are typically funded by the employee, usually through pre-tax, payroll deductions.

The annual contribution is determined by your employer. Please see your plan documents or consult with your human resources office for more information.

Yes. The HRA is designed to cover expenses not paid by your health plan including deductibles, coinsurance and copayments as well as many expenses your health plan may not cover.

Most plans include an HRA payment card as a convenient way to access account funds. You can also pay for eligible expenses with personal funds and request reimbursement from your HRA.