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Lifestyle spending accounts

Lifestyle spending accounts offer employer-funded assistance for life's expenses, helping to improve employees' work-life balance.

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Extra support for your personal life

For reimbursements, you can simply submit claims online or through the Optum Financial mobile app. Your employer will specify how payment is reimbursed — by paycheck, direct deposit or a separate check.

Lifestyle account expense examples

A lifestyle account may include expenses like these, depending on your employer's plan design.

Wellness and education

  • Wellness — fitness classes, gym memberships, nutrition counseling, sports leagues, ski passes, meditation and fitness equipment
  • Financial planning — financial planning and estate planning
  • Adult education — career education, adult learning and personal enrichment
  • College admissions preparation — coaching, counseling, seminars and tools

Crisis relief (pre-tax qualified in some cases for emergency conditions)

  • Childcare — day care, preschool and babysitting, nanny or au pair services
  • Housing — mortgage/rent, internet fees and home office supplies
  • Utility and grocery — general household utilities such as gas, electric and water, as well as grocery purchases and delivery

Family and finance (pre-tax qualified accounts)

  • Adoption — legal/agency fees and travel costs
  • Tuition reimbursement — tuition, books and program fees

Total plan flexibility

Lifestyle spending accounts offer the freedom to select the type of eligible expenses covered.

Peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind with added financial support.

Customized support

Your employer designs the plan that best supports you and your co-workers.

Ease of use

Get easy access to your funds for quick reimbursement.